1. Health & Nutrition Club:


We are promoting healthy living and providing network opportunities for University students in nutrition and health promotion fields.


  • We are increasing the knowledge and awareness of hygiene and healthy lifestyle among the students.
  • They are promoting the basic life skills among the students for healthy living, which will improve their survival, educational outcome, academic performance, and University environment.
  • It is motivating the students by challenging them to take up leadership roles and responsibilities.


  • Knowledge and research on health and nutrition problems, and controlling these by intervention.
  • Health and nutrition clubs will share a platform for socializing, where participants will share their experiences on well-being and achieving a healthy lifestyle.
  • Holistic nutritionist.
  • The club will help students to bring them together with a passion for nutrition and public health.
  • Students will get engage in the community for healthy lifestyle choices.
  • It Will help connect with many food science professionals to enlighten students about career and internship opportunities.
  • Engaging students in co-curricular and physical activities.
  • We are imparting proper hygiene and sanitation on the university premises.
  • Keep students tracking their food intake and making healthy choices (e.g., menu analysis, “food diaries,” and tips to follow when eating out).
  • It is promoting and making students aware of heritage food and its nutrition.
  • We are updating the menu of the mess food as per the nutritional contents of the mess food.
  • Campus community service.
  • Awareness drives in which students are sensitized towards cleanliness.
  • Primary health screening from time to time.
  • Engaging students in various workshops and research projects related to health and nutrition education, new product development, fortified food product, and bioformulation of probiotics.


  • Inaugurative Event: Health & Nutrition Care Club
  • Seminar on Safe Food now for a healthy tomorrow.
  • Free Basic Health Camps
  • Food Festivals on Nutritious foods – 2021.

To register in this MU event club, mail us at hnc@meu.edu.in