Guest Lecture on Design on IoT Chip

Guest Lecture on Design on IoT Chip

Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  Final and pre final year, second year B.Tech and    

  Diploma final year EEE Students

Activity: Guest Lecture on Design on IoT Chip

Date and Duration: 21/10/2022

Title:Design of IoT Chip

Resource person/agency and affiliation:  Dr. Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma (Professor, IIT Indore)

Brief description / remarks: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized Guest Lecture on the topic “Design of IoT Chip” for the Final and pre-final year, second-year B.Tech and final year Diploma Students. 40 students participated in the guest lecture Programme.

The primary objective of this Guest Lecture Programme is to provide basic knowledge about semiconductor chips which are widely used in the electrical and electronics domain. The guest lecturer shares two key design constraints: they need to be small and they need to consume as little energy as possible. The most effective way to address these challenges is to take a holistic approach, co-optimizing the choice of circuit architectures, design styles, tools, IPs, and processes. The lectures are divided into two sessions. 

The first section summarizes current and future trends and challenges with implications on a global and Indian scale beyond the semiconductor industry. 

In the second session, he explained about that how to design an IoT chip or any semiconductor chip. He also recommends future research projects that are derived from the specific insights and experience made in semiconductor projects.

The Coordinator Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki starts the Workshop Programme, and the motivation was conveyed by Mr. Virendra Jain HOD EEE.

Outcome: The Program create Design of IoT Chips 

  • The learners will be able to effectively work on the circuit-level design.
  • They will be able to work on the layout design, optimization & verification.
  • They got knowledge about design, simulation & implementation.
  • The students and faculties earn the various methodologies and research topics.
  • The learners understand the most important trends, research needs, and recommendations.

No. of participants:   40

Prepared by:  Mr. Anuj Lodhi, Assistant Professor, EEE Department

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD, EEE Department