Guest Lecture on Advanced Surveying and Remote Sensing

Department of Civil Engineering conducted a guest lecture on ‘Advanced Surveying and Remote Sensing’ for BE Second Year & Third year students from, 22.08.2016 to 27.08.2016 Ar. Shamim Fatima Siddiqui, (Architect, RCA, AIIA) was the resource person. Madam has done remarkable work in the field of Civil Engineering,also she was awarded by Rashtriva Gaurav for meritorious performance and Outstanding  role in this field.

In her lecture, she briefly explained about the scope of the subject and various contents of the Advanced Surveying and Remote Sensing. She also demonstrated about the working of various  instruments used in the surveying. During this lecture, queries of the students were answered by her.

Before concluding my report, I would like to thank Shamim Madam , who enlightened our students through her knowledge. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to our management for motivating us to conduct such activities.

Learning Outcome :

  • Critically assess and apply the appropriate field methodology, equipment and processing techniques for a specific survey task.
  • Use a range of techniques for managing survey errors and biases including results verification, quality control.
  • Design and develop innovative techniques and approaches to solving complex survey problem.