Frequently Asked Questions


After completing all formalities related with Registration what should I do?

You will go to your school for attending classes.

When do we receive our University ID card?
It will take 10 days after your Registration, and it will be issued from IT Department.

Are we covered under Medical Insurance?
All International students are covered under Group Mediclaim Policy. It is a Cashless Mediclaim Policy and covers hospitalization expenses in all the major hospitals listed in the policy. Details of the policy can be obtained from International Relations Division.

What should I do if my ID card is damaged or stolen?
You will have to pay INR 500 in Accounts Department and submit the receipt of payment in IT Department. New ID card will be issued after 4 days of submission of payment for new ID card.

What should I do if there is some mistake in my ID card?
Write an application indicating correction(s) needed in the card and submit it in IT Dept. A fresh ID card will be issued after 4 days of submission of application.

What should I do in case my Medical Insurance Card gets damaged or lost?
Inform International Relations Division in writing for getting new card.

For how long my Medical Insurance Card is valid?
Medical Insurance card is valid for one year. Card will be renewed every year against the payment of applicable fee and registration for the next academic session.

How can I check my result, academic details and account details?
All results are available on University website Click on “Student Portal” and enter your login credentials which will be shared at the time you register in International Relations Division.

Are books provided to students from the University?
The state-of-the-art Libraries located in Schools of the Mandsaur University remains open 12 hours a day from 8 am to 7 pm on all days except holidays.

In addition to Admission Letter and Testimonials, is there any other formality I have to complete at the time of Registration?
On arrival and completion of Registration process, all International students have to get themselves medically examined in Mandsaur Hospital. This medical checkup is free of cost.

To Whom I have to report regarding problems in Hostel?
You can inform the Hostel Warden/Asst. Hostel Warden of the problems you are facing in the hostel, and at the same time inform International Relations Division of the problem faced by you for follow up.

How hostel rooms are allotted?
Hostel rooms are allotted on first-cum-first basis and availability of room, subject to payment of hostel fee.

Is there any Hostel Security Deposit?
Yes. All students need to deposit Hostel Security which is refundable subject to handing over the accommodation assets in proper condition at the time of vacation of room. For International students other than Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh staying in AC room hostel security mentioned on hostel fees tab for international students.

Can I install air cooler in my non-AC room?
Yes you can install a room cooler of the specifications fixed by Inter-Hostel Administration (IHA) on payment of Electricity charges fixed by IHA.

Can I bring refrigerator in my room?
Yes you can bring refrigerator on extra payment per term/semester fixed by IHA.

How do I pay for laundry?
Complimentary Laundry service of 5 kg x 20 washes shall be available to all the hostel residents for one academic year.

Do I have to pay any fees at the time of Registration?
Yes, if you have not paid your Registration Fee, Tuition Fee and Hostel/Mess Fee (if hostel accommodation is opted). You have to deposit all the unpaid fees at the time of Registration. Please carry your original receipts of payment of fees if already paid.

Where can I deposit fee after coming to University?
Fee can be deposited in Accounts Department which is located in the Basement of Administrative Block No. 2 of Mandsaur University.
You can also pay through International Debit/credit card, Net banking using Pay U money option by logging in to your Student Login.

How do I open a bank account in Indian Bank?
International Relations Division will help and assist you in opening your bank account. You need to bring following documents

  • Passport and Visa
  • Copy for your Id Proof
  • Rent Agreement/Hostel ID Card
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Bonafide Letter from your School
  • University Identity Card (ID)

How do I get refund of my fee if I want to leave the University?
You can get refund of your fee according to the Refund policy of University. For more details, please visit (Policies regarding should be uploaded on the website.)

How does Mandsaur University cater to security of the students?
Entire campus including hostels, residential areas, parking and academic areas are very well secured through 24×7 hours outsourced security agencies with armed guards. C.C.T.V. cameras have been installed at strategic places to keep a close vigil in the campus.