Fashion Styling- Fun FabricTexture

Fashion Styling- Fun Fabric

Department of Fashion Design conducted an activity “Fashion Styling- Fun Fabric Texture” on 14/1/2022 and 15/1/2022 i.e on Friday and  Saturday for the students of 1st semester. In this workshop students were taught different types of fabric texturing by using different color medium depending on the properties and characteristics of the color medium. Ms. Shalini Pandey, explained the students about how to create different fabric texture by using poster colours.  Poster color has a dull finish so it’s used in the creation of fabrics samples with non-lustrous effect such as cotton. and if the proportion of color and water is changed so does the effect and final product, such as use of  poster color with no water gives the thick fabric effect but if we increase the quantity of water to be 95 %-97% and poster colour to be 3%-5% the final product achieved will be shear fabric, same goes with pearl colour it is shimmery or we can say has shine in it so is used to develop glass tissue or tussue .  Another way when we increase, the quantity of water to be 95 % and pearl colour to  be  5% the final product achieved will be organza fabric, This can be little different when creating leather, suede, velvet in these sample along with colors fabric glue is used to give the thickness and inbuilt shine to them and so does the combination changes according to the final result we want.

In this workshop students first created the samples of all the fabric textures and then used these textures in the designing of garment or we can say the whole look.Total 10 students took part in this two day workshop which was conducted on the Google meet. Through this workshop students have gained the knowledge about importance of texture rendering and process of replication and its importance. Students understood the techniques used in the selection of the different color medium for different fabric rendering, replica of the fabrics and also increased the perfection in illusion creation. Students very much enjoyed this activity.