Explainable AI: Challenges and opportunities

Explainable AI: Challenges and opportunities

Department:  CSE/CSA

Year/sem:  1st/2nd/3rd

Activity:   Webinar

Date and Time: 24th January 2022

Title: Explainable AI: Challenges and opportunities

Resource person/agency and affiliation:


Dean, International Affairs and Corporate Outreach, Professor and Dean, School of Computer Science Engineering, Bennett University, Greater Noida

Director, NVIDIA-Bennett Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Director leadingindia.ai

Brief description/remarks:

Department of CSE/CSA Mandsaur University, Mandsaur had organized a national level webinar on Explainable AI: Challenges and opportunities. Dr. Deepak Garg delivered a session on explainable AI.

Topics covered in the webinar are

  1. Introduction of AI.
  2. Need of explainable AI.
  3. Approaches to implementing explainable AI.
  4. Research topics in explainable AI.

At last HOD CSE delivered the Vote of Thanks. The webinar was arranged by Dr. Pradeep Laxkar and coordinated by Mr. Piyush Sharma.


                The participants got familiar with explainable AI, which is a new concept of AI. 

No. of participants: 98

Prepared by: Nandkishor Patidar Assistant Professor, CSE, Mandsaur University.  

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI: HOD CSE and CSA