Expert Talk on Project Management: Concepts & Applications

Expert Talk on Project Management: Concepts & Applications

In the process of extension lectures DBMS has organized four days session on Project Management: Concepts & Applications for the MBA III Semester and BBA III Semester. Basically, session was designed to give conceptual knowledge of Project management and its applicability in real life situations. Mr. Pritesh Shah (Freelance educationist) was a speaker during the period. He is associated with various companies for imparting training on project management.

During the session he elaborated the following aspects of Project Management.

  • Project Management – concepts
  • Selection of Project
  • Tools and techniques of Project Management
  • Project activities and preparation of feasibility report
  • Financial and Technical criteria of evaluating Projects
  • Fundamentals of NPV, IRR, PERT, CPM

Around 50 students took active participation during the period

Session was ended with management game.