Department: CSE/CSA

Year/Sem:  For All

Activity: Co-Curricular

Date and Duration:29th October 2021

Title:  Awareness on Introduction and Impact of Cyber Security in daily life

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Dr. B. K. Sharma

Dr. Anubhav Kumar Dr. Pradeep Laxkar

Brief description / remarks:

Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Application organized an awareness lecture on the Introduction and Impact of Cyber Security in daily life. Three separate sessions were conducted at BRNCOP, Campus-1, and Life Science. Sessions were delivered by Dr. B. K. Sharma, Dr. Anubhav Kumar, and Dr. Pradeep Laxkar. Topics covered during the session were: What is cybersecurity? , What is cybercrime? , Indian Information act, Types of hacking, awareness about cybercrime, etc.

Outcome :

1. Successfully Conducted                                     2.  Awareness about cyber security.                          

No. of participants Attended: 170 total

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Nilesh Jain /Mr. Prabhat Kumar Singh