Celebration of  world earth day, 2022 and  theme “Invest in Our planet”

Celebration of  world earth day, 2022 and  theme “Invest in Our planet”

Department:Faculty of Agriculture Sciences

Activities:   Celebration of world earth day (April 22,  2022) 

  1. Essay contest

Date and Duration:    22 April, 2022 10:15 AM  Onwards

Title:  Celebration of  world earth day, 2022 and  theme “Invest in Our planet”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:   Mr. Dayashankar Singh and  Mr. Anand  Rao Azad

Brief description / remarks:

*Objective: World earth day mainly focus on raising awareness against environmental issues. *Activities:  Essay writing contest

*Total Participants: 35 Students and Faculty members.

* Key Speakers:

Dr Sanjay Singh (HOD of Agriculture)

Dr. Sheshnath Mishra (A.P.)

Mr. Hemant Kumar Verma (A.P.)

Mr. Dayashankar Singh (A.P.)

      All the Key speakers emphasized the importance of mother earth nature and explained various invest measures for its sustainable protection. 

*Valedictory session: Awards and Certificates were presented to winner students as details are following: 

Winners in Essay contest – 

Ms.  Bura Akshaya ( I st)21AGR3AGR10312th Semester
Ms.  Peddi Usharani (II nd)21AGR3AGR10872th Semester
Ms. Dasari Kirthina (III rd)20AGR3AGR10394th Semester

Participants in Essay contest :

S .No.Name of Students NameEnrolment No.Semester
1Umesh Dangi21AGR3AGR11302nd Semester
2Bura.Akshaya21AGR3AGR10312nd Semester
3Dandu srivani21AGR3AGR10332nd Semester
4Boyina Bhavana21AGR3AGR10302nd Semester
5Peddi.usharani21AGR3AGR10874th Semester
6Pokkula varun21AGR3AGR10894th Semester
7Ramireddy Tharak Ramireddy20AGR3AGR11124th Semester
8Shaik Riyaz Husain20AGR3AGR11254th Semester
9Madiri Chanoana20AGR3AGR10794th Semester
10Gorantlavenkataganesh20AGR3AGR10544th Semester
11Musthayala Amarendra20AGR3AGR10834th Semester
12Madipadiga Abraham20AGR3AGR10784th Semester
13Kanchanakuntla Keerthana20AGR3AGR10634th Semester
14Beelo Amkondasuneei Kumar20AGR3AGR10284th Semester
15Bherulal            20AGR3AGR10294th Semester
16Dasari Kirtina20AGR3AGR10394th Semester
17Jakka Pavan Chandu19AGR3AGR10766th Semester
18Jogu Rajitha19AGR3AGR10836th Semester
19Samala Shivani19AGR3AGR11606th Semester
20Rahul Patidar            19AGR3AGR11456th Semester
21Jitendra Kumar19AGR3AGR10806th Semester
22Lavudiya Nagu Naik19AGR3AGR11026th Semester
23Podeti Vamshi19AGR3AGR11356th Semester
24Palla Keerthi19AGR3AGR11306th Semester
25Mulinti Sirisha            19AGR3AGR11176th Semester
26Pothula Madhulika            19AGR3AGR11366th Semester
27Mamindla Srija Yadav19AGR3AGR11116th Semester
28Vishnu Kurariya19AGR3AGR11866th Semester
29Birudula Preethi19AGR3AGR10346th Semester

Outcome:  Almost all the participant’s formatted a beautiful essay on the basis of this year theme “Invest in Our Planet” that give us message to why an urgent need  to reignite act (boldly), innovate (broadly) and implement (equitably) via utilizing three basic pillar of invest corporate, government and individual for save planet for us and our future generations. Students participated with full enthusiasm, and they got high appreciation.

No. of participants:  29 Students

Prepared by :   Ms. Dayashankar Singh & Mr. Anand Rao Azad  (A.P.)

Verified by: Dr. Sanjay Singh (HOD, Agriculture)