Celebration of Nutrition Week-2021

Celebration of Nutrition Week-2021

National Nutrition week 2021 was celebrated by faculty of Agriculture sciences during 1st to 7th of September 2021. In India, the National Nutrition Week is observed every year from September 1 to September 7 to raise public awareness about nutrition and healthy eating habits. The week is observed to make people understand the importance of nutritional and adaptive eating habits so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. There with objective of making society aware about nutrition different events were organized for faculty members, students of graduation degree program as well as for the school students also.

Demonstration of making of nutritional cookies was given to faculty members and to some students of Faculty of Agriculture sciences on 1st September 2021. In this activity faculties were addressed by Dr. Vaishali Wankhade (Assistant Professor), for healthy ways of cooking food and demonstration of preparation of fenugreek fortified butter cookies was given to all in the laboratory of food science and technology by Her along with Er Sushmita Mandal (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Mainu Hazarika (Assistant Professor). The activity was attended by faculties and students.All them found it beneficial to learn the baking technology for healthy cooking.

Theme of National Nutrition Week is “Feeding smart right from the start” on which one national webinar was conducted on 4th Septemberon the platform google meet as well as through live streaming on YouTube. The overall event was hosted by Dr Vaishali Wankhade (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences); She welcomed the participants and guest speakers with gratefulness. Following to that Dr. Deepak Kher (Director, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) addressed the assembly and gave brief introduction of invited lead speaker to participants; while extending gratitude towards him for sparing his valuable time for webinar.

The resource person Dr. Radha Charan Verma (Former Dean, Nirwan University, Jaipur) presented the lecture on the topic “Feeding Smart Right from the Start”. He highlighted the different warm issues relevant to nutrition and societal problems like malnutrition along with global hunger index. He also explained the importance of diet and nutrition in individuals’ life. Sir made the assembly aware about different sources of nutrition and ways to consume required nutrition.

The workshop was attended by more than 150 participants from all over India. Optimum time was provided to participants to disused their doubts with expert speakers. At the end of the session participants were asked for feedback on google meet.  Audience remarked that the session was very informative and useful to enhanced their knowledge. In the feedback session Dr. Sanjay Singh (Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) said that the session was very knowledgeful and of global importance. 

After feedback session, At the end Er. Sushmita Mandal (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) offered formal vote of thanks to the guest speakers and participants.

The meeting was concluded by Dr. Vaishali Wankhade with the permission of Director of Faculty of Agriculture Sciences. Feedback is collected from participants through google form and E-Certificates are distributed to all the participants.

At the end of week last day i.e. 7th September 2021 of National Nutrition week was celebrated at Mandsaur International School.Faculty members namely Dr. Vaishali Wankhade, Er. Sushmita Mandal, Dr. Poulami Sil, Mr. Manish Kumar Rajput and Mr. Dayashankar Singh interacted with students of 6th to 9th standard. Awareness about healthy food was spread with some fun games and activities like debate on health and nutrition in terms of healthy and junk food and games (kinaesthetic activities) to aware them about the impact of healthy and nutritive food on their physiological and psychological strength for students. Students were appealed by faculty members to eat healthy and stay healthy from the starting itself.The activities and programme was attended by more than 50 students from different standards of Mandsaur International School. Optimum time was provided to participants to disused their doubts with us. At the end of the programme, we have conducted a quiz and rewarded them with gifts for their awareness.  The audience remarked that the session was very informative and useful to enhance their knowledge. The overall Celebration of Nutritional week was facilized by Dr. Deepak Kher (Director Faculty of Agriculture Sciences) who encourages and guided all the faculty members for planning and execution of the various events and ended it successful.