Basic health checkup

Basic health checkup

Department: Health & Nutrition Club, Faculty of Life Sciences

Year/Semester: UG, PG students & Faculty members

Activity:  Health and Nutrition Club activity

Date and Duration: 27/08/2022   2:10 pm

Title: ‘Basic health checkup’

Resource person/agency and affiliation:  

  1. Mr. Akshay Nirmal 
  2. Mr. Adish Acharya 
  3. Mr. Harish Patidar
  4. Mr. Shubham Karosiya
  5. Mr. Shoaib Khan
  6. Mr. Saddam Hussain
  7. Mr. Aftab Mansuri

Faculty of Ayurveda, Mandsaur University

Brief description/ Remarks:

Health and Nutrition club of Faculty of Life Sciences had organized a Basic health checkup for the UG and PG students and faculty members of Mandsaur University on 27.08.2022 between 02:10 pm to 4:10 pm. The program was organized to spread the awareness of hygiene and healthy lifestyle among the students and faculty members. This club activity will help students to bring them together with a passion for nutrition and public health.

The program was started with the welcome address by Prof (Dr.) Arunava Das, Dean & Head, Faculty of Life Sciences and in-charge of Health & Nutrition club. He highlighted the objectives of the activity and mentioned that this will promote the basic life skills among the students for healthy living, which will improve their survival, educational outcome, academic performance, and University environment. Dr. Das acknowledged the Principal Ayurveda for rendering support towards the program and students Mr. Akshay Nirmal, Mr. Adish Acharya, Mr. Harish Patidar, Mr. Shubham Karosiya, Mr. Shoaib Khan, Mr. Saddam Hussain and Mr. Aftab Mansuri of final year BAMS for encouraging our students and making this even a successful one. All the BAMS students explained the importance of healthy food, nutrients as well as the daily diet products and monitored and examined the pulse rate, measured blood pressure and weight, also generated the health report. A total of 27 students and faculty members participated the event. 

The whole program was coordinated by Mr. Abhishek Singh Rajawat, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences. The vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Ambarish Sahasrabudhe, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences.


This club activity shared a platform of socializing, where resource persons had shared their experiences on well-being and examined students for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Students were very excited and got benefited from the basic health checkup test.

No. of participants: 27

Prepared by: Mr. Abhishek Singh Rajawat, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof (Dr.) Arunava Das, Dean & Head, Faculty of Life Sciences.