Awareness Programme on Internet of  Things

Awareness Programme on Internet of  Things

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Year/ Semester: 12th science students

Activity: Awareness Programme

Date and Duration: 30.06.2021 (4PM – 6PM)

Title: “ Awareness Programme on Internet of  Things”

Resource Persons: Mr. Virendra Jain, Mr. Siddheswar Kar & Mr. Abrar Rja (EEE Department)

Brief description/ Remarks:

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mandsaur University had organized an Awareness programme on Internet of Things (IoT)on 30.06.2022  for 12th science students at Malahargard, M.P

The objective of this programme was to

1.  Aware the students about the new emerging technology IoT.

2.  Aware the students about the new specialization course on IoT in EEE at MU.

Total 55 students participated in this programme.

The program started with welcome address and career counseling by Mr. Virendra Jain (H.O.D, EEE). 

After that Mr. Siddheswar Kar, Assistant Professor, EEE through ppt presentation aware the students about the following things:

1. What is IoT?

2. How does IoT work? 

3. What are the application areas of IoT?

4. What is the future Scope of IoT?

5. Career oppurnities & Job Prospects in IoT technology

At the end Mr. Abrar Rja, Lecturer, EEE demonstrated practically on various projects of IoT.

The programme ended at 6PM with vote of Thanks.


• Students acquainted with the field of Emerging Technologies on IoT.

• Students acquainted with the new specialization course on IoT.• Students shown their interest to visit department.

No. of participants: 55

Prepared by :  Mr. Siddheswar Kar, A.P, EEE

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI ) : Mr Virendra Jain (HOD, EEE)