Awareness Program on Robotic Technolgy

Awareness Program on Robotic Technolgy

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Year/Semester: 1st year/  II Semester 

    2nd year/  IV Semester,

    3rd year/  VI Semester    4th year/VIII Semester

Activity: Activity

Date and Duration:30/05/2022

Title: “Awareness Program on Robotic Technolgy”

Resource Person: Chief Executive officer Mudit  from Edo Square Robot.  

Brief description/ Remarks:

      Department of Mechanical  Engineering and  Robotics club organised  a webinar on ” Awareness program on Robotic Technology” on 30 May 2022 in LT01  for final, pre-final year students and faculty members of all the departments in an online mode. 2:00 pm onwards. 

The resource workshop called was the Chief Executive officer Mudit  from Edo Square Robot.  

The main objective of this programme is Knowledge exchange  among student and teacher .

Total 121 student participated in the event through the university The purpose of the programme is to Awareness in students  in the fields of  Robotics. The field of robotics is the outcome of scientific research and development. Roboticists develop man-made motorised …


  • To aware the students in the field of robotics
  • Encourage interactions between robotics research person and students.
  • Encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts
  • To understand and evaluate the knowledge of the participants within academics as well as beyond academics
  • Students feel more confident to discuss the material.

No. of participants: 121

Prepared by: Mechanical Engineering Department, Mandsaur University.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr.Ravi Kumar Sengewar