Aptitude Session for Engineering Students

Aptitude Session for Engineering Students

Engineering is a technical profession, so the style of aptitude test student will experience will necessarily be technical in nature. However, students are often expected to also sit the more traditional reasoning tests including numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

There are several categories of aptitude test that are designed to measure technical skills. Mechanical reasoning, spatial reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning are just some of the more specialized tests. Fault diagnosis is another test commonly found in an engineering battery of tests. Numerical reasoning is seen as an important test for many engineering employers as they look for evidence that students can identify the important elements of numerical data and pick it out.

Understanding the same Corporate Training and Placement cell Organized Aptitude Training for the Fifth semester students, training was given by the Mumbai based known corporate trainer Mr. Abhijeet Pathak.

Mr.Pathak is a well known certified corporate trainer, having extensive experience in soft skills, and Aptitude.

Trainer Mr. Abhijeet said that engineering aptitude questions tend to be based on engineering content. Students generally do not need to have outside knowledge on the numerical and verbal reasoning tests, but the tests examining their technical reasoning skills will assume a level of knowledge.

Some of the skills that employers are looking for in engineers and will therefore be tested through the engineering aptitude tests are:

  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to detect and analyze systematic themes in data
  • Attention to detail

Around 60 students of engineering took part in this training. Students appreciated the learning imparted thorough this training.