Alumni Meet

Alumni Meet

Department: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

 Year:   All students of  B.Tech & Diploma (Second year to final year)  

Activity: “Alumni Meet”

Date and Duration:  06/03/2021 ( Saturday), 1 Hr.

Title:    Alumni Meet

Resource person/agency and affiliation:   Mr. Suryansh Shrivastava, Electrical Engineer in HSBC Technologies (Pune, Maharashtra), Alumni of EEE department.                            

Brief description / remarks:  

An Alumni Meet was organized by EEE department on 06.03.2021, Saturday (11:30 AM to 12:30 PM). 

Mr. Suryansh Shrivastava, who has been working as an Electrical Engineer in HSBC Technologies (Pune, Maharashtra) was the invited alumnae for the meet. He interacted with the students (Second year to final year) of EEE department (B.Tech. & Diploma). Duration of the meet was for 1hr. 34 students were benefited by this workshop.

The student coordinators Ms. Sakhi Modi and Mr. Mohit Sartliya students of final year coordinated the programme.  

Mr. Suryansh Shrivastava shared his memories of his college day life and his struggling period. Also he shared professional experience with the students. In the meet he discussed with the students that in industrial environment practical knowledge is very important and how they can get benefit by this practical knowledge. 

He was thankful to the department for doing such meet and also requested department to organize such meet in near future.

Outcome : 

Recent batches of students learned a number of valuable things from the alumnae such as

1. What are the main points for preparing Curriculum Vitae (CV).

2. How the practical knowledge for engineering students is more valuable.

3. How the problems at the industries can be rectify.

Students also learned about the things to be improved like confidence level, attire, communication and technical skill etc. to get job in various sectors

No. of participants: 34

Prepared by : Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki, AP, EEE, Department of EEE, Mandsaur  University

Verified by (HOD/HOI):  Mr. Virendra Jain, HOD , Department of EEE, Mandsaur University