Alumni Interaction Session

Alumni Interaction Session

Department: Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce, Mandsaur University

Year/Semester:  BBA, B.Com, MBA – all year

Activity: Alumni Interaction Session

Date and Duration: 02.09.2023 (one hours)

Title:Alumni Interaction

Resource Person: Our Alumni :- Mr. Piyush goyal(IDFC BANK sales Manager), Ms. Nidhi Rathor(HR Manager SUNPHARMA Ltd.), Ms. Juhi Gothi (HR-Recruiter SATVA SOLUTIO) , Ms. Radha Sharma (Senior Technical Recruiter SGS CONSULTING)

Brief description/ Remarks: The Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce, Mandsaur University organized an Alumni Interaction Session on 02.9.2023. The aim of session is to help current students studying in university recognize the contribution of the alumni in the professional world. This meeting gives chance to the  students  to gel with the alumni and interact to know about their career journey. The hurdles they faced throughout the journey and how university plays a key important role in it. The program started at 12:00 PM with lamp lightening ceremony preceding with welcome speech of Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatia (Head of Department, FBAC). Alumni elaborated on various aspects of skill development, training, placements, Networking, Building Self-confidence and the opportunities available for the upcoming students.. Alumni resolved the questions raised by the students. The whole program was coordinated by Prof. Sonakshi Agrawal and Prof. Ruben Shah. All the faculty members of department during the session for smooth conduction of program. The session ended with National Anthem.

Outcome :

  • To help students of university to recognize the contribution of alumni in the professional world
  • To understand how different activities at University & department level plays key role in nurturing the career.

No. of participants:  180 plus

Prepared by:  Mrs. Sonakshi Agrawal, Asst. Professor, FBAC, MU

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. J.S.Bhatia, HOD, FBAC, MU