Alumni Interaction (Guest Lecture)

Alumni Interaction (Guest Lecture)


Alumni Interaction (Guest Lecture)

Date and Duration:
23 Nov2021, Tuesday (11:00Am to 01:00PM)

Brief description / remarks:
Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized an alumni interaction (Guest Lecture) on 23.10.2021
.The resource person was Mr. Akshay Tiwari, SOC Design Engineer at Intel Corporation. He has a total of 10
years of experience in Project Engineer (Wipro), Engineer-III (Qualcomm), SOC Design Engineer ( Intel
Corporation). The topic of guest lecture was “Introduction to VLSI and Future Scope”.
He guided students for their career and skills development and how the students for making their career in right
direction. 135 students attended the lecture.

Outcome :
Successfully Conducted

Prepared by :
Mr. Nandkishor Patidar/ Mr. Piyush Sharma

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI):
Mr. Prabhat Kumar Singh