1. Adventure Tourism & Recreation Club:

The adventure club of Mandsaur University is all about providing exposure to the students. It helps students come out of their comfort zone and experience the adventure and increases the interactions among them. Adventure allows individuals to develop qualities like discipline, team building, patience, and leadership. The club has many plans for the student community to help them develop these qualities, including regular adventure and excursion trips, adventure activities like Rock climbing and Rappelling, Mountaineering, and even some adventure sports like off-road cycling and parkour (free-running). These activities would help students have the best of their experiences, and we hope the learnings from these helps every student associated with us in their lives.

Aim (Why join?): 

People should join the Adventure & Recreational Club if they have a love for adventures. In University, a lot of our time is spent sitting down in classes and behind laptops. This is for students who want a break and a little bit of fresh air.

Who can join?: 

Anybody can join. Some events are more rigorous, but we will accommodate people of all fitness levels and abilities.


  • Promoting adventure activities within the campus.
  • Adventure and Challenge.
  • Developing an understanding of nature.
  • To create a physical and social environment that supports the development of the core competencies. Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, social, and emotional proficiency that all the students need to develop to engage in deep learning and lifelong learning.


  • Team Building Events
  • Adventure & Recreational Camps
  • Basic Training & Drilling
  • Organize various expeditions
  • Multisport Competition

To register in this MU event club, mail us at atrc@meu.edu.in