A Webinar on “Changing patterns of News presentation on Digital Media”

A Webinar on “Changing patterns of News presentation on Digital Media”

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication

Year/Semester: Open for all

Activity: : A Webinar on “Changing patterns of News presentation on Digital Media” 

Date  : 13 December 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Amit Mishra, Editor-in-chief, Vindhya Times.

Brief description/ Remark

   Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Mandsaur University organized a webinar on 13 December 2021 on Changing Patterns of News Presentation on Digital Media”. Mr. Amit Mishra, Editor-in-chief, Vindhya Times was present as the keynote speaker. Also, Dr. Tarakeshwara Rao Ippili, HoD. Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication delivered a lecture as the guest speaker of the program. The aim of the webinar was to introducing students to the methods of news presentation in digital media. 

The program was started by Mr. Arun Jaiswal, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication, with the introduction of Digital Media/New Media. 

Mr. Amit Mishra, who was present as the keynote speaker in the program, said that starting a channel on a digital platform is easy as well as challenging. How the pattern of presenting news on Digital Platform differs from that of Print or Television media. Today the reach of digital media is increasing day by day in India, in such a situation journalists should work responsibly on digital media as well. At the same time, he also told that the government has imposed strict rules on digital media, due to which the quality of news is likely to be good. After this, Dr. Tarakeshwara Rao Ipilli, who was present as a guest speaker, spoke about the current scenario of News presentation in Digital Media. 

At the end of the program Mr. Arun Jaiswal thanked all the guests and participants.

During the session, all the faculty members & students of the mass communication department, participants from all over the country were attended. A total of more than 150 participants had registered for this program and over 100 attended.

Outcome- Students and other participants became aware with the presentation of News and changing patterns on digital media.

No. of participants: more than 100

Prepared by: Shanu Jha, Assistant Professor, DJMC , Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Tarakeshwara Rao Ippili, HoD, DJMC, Mandsaur University