A travelling Workshop-cum-Visit to SKAF- Sipani Krishi Anusandhan Farm, Changali, Mandsaur

Department:  Department of Agriculture
Activity:   A brief report on visit of different subject matter experts from Department of Agriculture, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur  at Sipani Krishi Anusandhan Farm Changli.
Date and Time: 09/03/2021,  09:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Title: Visit of ICAR –IARI Collaborative Outstation Research Centre, Sipani Krishi

Anusandhan Farm, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

Resource person/agency and affiliation: Shri N.S. Sipani of SKAF, Mandsaur

Brief description / remarks: 

On  March, 9, 2021, 18 subject matter experts of department of agriculture and Shri  N.S Sipani ji, Chairman of IARI-SKAF and Dr, Ramraj Sain, Assistant Breeder from SKAF, Changli, Mandsaur had a long session including deliberations on different aspects and field visits of research experiments was done on Wheat and Maize crops. The experts of different subjects interacted with scientist of Sipani Krishi Anusandhan Farm Changli and collected information which may be useful for university to guide and teach to B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture and M.Sc. (Ag.) students and to conduct research activities at Mandsaur University.


      Mandate crops of Sipani Krishi Anusandhan Farm are wheat, maize, pigeon pea and soybean, on which scientist are working for improvement. SKAF is arranging crop research trials on AICRP-Maize and Soybean. Experts observed different experiments plots.  SKAF is maintaining 550 germplasm of both Triticum aestivium L. and Triticum durum L. species having huge variability in different traits. SKAF is leading research centre who have largest germplasm in case of Triticum durum L. The scientist of Sipani farm is working to develop hybrids in maize and mustard. Thus, this research farm is conducting significant research work in development of varieties through selection as well as hybridization.

Summary and conclusion:

During visit and interaction with scientist of SKAF, N.S Sipani ji suggested working on different aspects of plant physiological activities with the collaboration with SKAF. He suggested breeders to focus on need based research work. Different ideas were shared between scientists from both sides. Sipani sir insisted breeders to develop hybrids in crops using chemical induced male sterility. The visit was very fruitful for gaining knowledge and collection of information which will be beneficial to enhance research activities or for research work of PG students and training to students in department of agriculture.

Photos of visit:


No. of participants: 18

Prepared by: Dr. S.N. Mishra, Assistant Professor

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. R. A. Sharma