3D fashion illustration

3D fashion illustration

Department: Faculty of Fashion Design

Target audience :-1st yr/  I Semester, 2st yr/  III Semester,

Activity: Extra- Curricular Activity

Date and Duration:16/08/2022

Title: “3D fashion illustration”

Resource Person: Ms. Shalini Pandey, Assistant Professor, Fashion Department

Brief description/ Remarks:

                   Department of Fashion Design conducted a Competition on “3D fashion illustration” on 16/08/2022 i.e. on Tuesday for the students of fashion for 1st and 3rd semesters. 3D fashion design technology is transforming the way creative in the apparel, fashion, and luxury (AF&L) industry approach product development, pattern making, fittings, and more. 3D clothing design software streamlines the design development process, reducing time and cost as well as environmental impact. 3D and AR experiences allow fashion brands to connect with audiences around the globe, driving stronger brand affinity. Today, 3D technology can present ultra realistic images of cloth drape and look and is steadily transforming the AF&L industry. Companies such as Adidas, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and many others are adopting 3D solutions as part of their design workflow.

The advantages 3D design tools can provide to apparel companies are significant. One of the key benefits is how they help boost overall production speed. Designers can carry out many iterations of a garment virtually, potentially reducing the product’s time to market by weeks or months. They can create and share photorealistic product visuals as needed without the wait for physical samples, and working in 3D greatly reduces the costs associated with physical prototyping.

In this activity students made the designs using different materials like saw dust, flowers, papers, wool and other objects accordingly. Students were given 2 hrs to develop their creation using the objects in their surrounding


  • Students learnt how to take different objects from our surroundings to represent their ideas.
  • Through this activity students enhance their knowledge about different methods to illustrate their ideas.
  • Students had to brainstorm ideas on paper in 3D format. 
  • Students understood that 3d illustration plays a major role in designing to preview and visualize design before sewing actual clothing.
  • It increases the response and creativity timing as a limited time is provided for this.

No. of participants:12

Prepared by: Ms.Shalini Pandey

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Ms.Shalini Pandey