Patents Applied

Following patent applications are pending in Indian Patent Office. 

  1. R.Malik, M.Sharma “Novel Series of alkoxyphenylcarboxamido derivatives-II” -Patent Application No. 2298/MUM/2014.
  2. R.Malik, M.Sharma “New α-acyl β-phenyl propanoic acid as PPAR-α based Hypolipidemic agent”-Patent Application No. 1276/DEL/2014.
  3. R.Malik, M.Sharma, “Novel Series of alkoxyphenylcarboxamido derivatives”(Patent Application No. 400/MUM/2012)
  4. Anurekha Jain, New Formulation of mucilage of “Lepidium sativum” for its Aperient activity”(Application no. 2180/MUM/2011)
  5. Edwin E, Gupta VB, Kushwah P, Showkat A, Asghar S, Jamalludin S, Anwar D, “Antiurolithiatic activity of a polyherbal product Unex, Patent Office, Mumbai./2010.
  6. Edwin E, Gupta VB, Singhal A, Showkat A, Anwar D, “Colon drug delivery using a natural polymer from M. oleifera” 1679/MUM/2009, Patent Office, Mumbai.
  7. Bhavik G, Rathore M.S., Gupta VB, Ghosh PK, “Probiotic assisted effective composition for delivery of drugs to the colon by oral route” ( Patent Application No. 2548/MUM/2009)
  8. Hussain Iqbal, Rathore M.S., Gupta VB, Ghosh PK “A method of wound healing using plant extracts of Acaranthus aspera” Patent Filed to Patent office, Mumbai 0n 18/08/2009.
  9. Talesra A, Gupta V.B., Rathor M.S. “ Feenugreek gum based colonic drug delivery”( Patent Application No. :–  1540/MUM/2007.
  10. Gupta R.D., Sharma D.K.,Gupta V.B.” Tapioca Starch as a Pharmaceutical excipient” (Patent Application No. :– 1258/MUM/2006)
  11. Wate S.P. , Saini V., Gupta V.B., Edwin S., Jerald E., Deb L.,Busari K.P.,”Antiinflamatory Anti Microbial and anthelmentic activities of Solanum Khasianum,Clarke” (Patent Application No. :– 590/MUM/2006)
  12. Bhadoria M.,Middha A., Gupta V.B., “ Effervesnce System for Fun ,taste and Nutritional technology” (Patent Application No. :– 329/MUM/2006