Extention Lectures

List of Extension Lectures-:

  1.  “Analytical Research Methods” 15 Feb 2014 b Mr. C. P. Singh Research Scientist (Wockhardt Ltd.)
  2. “Pharmacovizilance and Scope of Pharmacy” 15 Feb 2014 by Dr. Manoj Sharma Sr. Research Scientist (Panacea Biotech)
  3. “Future prospects for Pharmacy students in product Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing” on 30th July 2011 by Mr. Manish Gupta.
  4. “Opportunities for Pharmacy Professionals in GULF” by Mr. Randhawa on 8th July 2011.
  5. “Drugs: From Laboratory to Wards” on 22 June 2011, by Dr. D D Santani.
  6. “Developing A successful Career” by Lt. Col RK Sinha (GM HR, IPCA lab ltd, Ratlam) ON 31st may 2011.
  7. “Novel Pharmaceuticals: Application of Hydrotrophy and Mixed Solvency”, On October 10, 2009, by Dr. RK Maheswari.
  8. “Electrophoresis and its practical Aspects” organized under TIFAC CORE (TCRP-PD) On September 16, 2009, by Dr. M Pandit.
  9. “Recent Advancement in drug development from medicinal plant” on 21 May 2009 by Dr.S.B.Kasture.
  10. “Biotech Drugs: Need for change in strategies”. On January 30, 2008, by Dr SK Basra.“Technology and Commerce of Pelletization” On January 17, 2008, by Dr Anwar Daud.
  11. “Fun and Frolik of Marketing” On January 17, 2008, by Mr. Praveen Kumar.
  12. “Clinical research boom: How to ensure your participation “On 11 March 2008 by Dr. Arani Chatierjee.
  13. “Diabetes and its complications” on 13 Sep. 2008 by Dr. S.L.Bodhankar.