Prof. (Dr) Edwin Jarald. E.

M. Pharm. (Pharmacognosy)

Professor and HOD (Department of Pharmacognosy)

 Prof. Jarald has completed his Master’s degree in pharmacy from J.S.S College of Pharmacy in April 2001 and Doctorate of Pharmacy under RGPV, Bhopal in 2011. From 2004 onwards he has been associated with BRNCOP. Currently Prof. Jarald is Assistant Coordinator of TIFAC-CORE in Green Pharmacy. His research interests focuses on standardization of herbal drugs, formulation development of herbal drugs, screening the plant extracts for biological activities and bioactivity guided fractionation and isolation of lead molecules responsible for bioactivity. He has fetched several Government funded and industrial research projects that includes CORE status in green pharmacy from DST, Co-investigator of National Medicinal Plants Board Project, New Delhi (15 lakhs) and PI of AICTE funded research project for 16 lakhs.

He has more than 80 publications, filed for 6 patents and has published 3 books (Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants, Text book of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry and Dictionary of Pharmacy) with CBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi. He is also a reviewer/editor of various journals (national and international) that includes, Natural Product Communications, Pharmaceutical Biology and Natural Product Radiance.



Mrs. Priyanka Soni

M. Pharm (Pharmacognosy)


Mrs. Priyanka Soni joined this Institute in 2007.She is pursuing Ph D from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. She completed her M. Pharm from B. R. Nahata College of Pharmacy, Mandsaur. Later she worked at Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy, Indore for 6 months and finally moved to Mandsaur at a sister concern of BRNCP, Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy. Her research interests involve Nephroprotective activity of plants, isolation and characterization of phytoconstituents for antifertility activity and various bioactivities. She has presented and publish many resaerch papers in various national and international Journals.She has a good hand over Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical & Pharmacological works.


Mr. Vishal Soni

Mr. Vishal Soni has joined BRNCOP in Sept 2008. He is pursuing PhD from Banashthali Vidhya peeth Jaipur on Topic “Isolation and evaluation some medicinal plant for Antifertility activity”. He worked with various Pharmaceutical companies at different Head Quater in INDIA.  He is having almost 5 year experience of Pharmaceutical  Marketing. After completing his M. pharm in year 2008 from same institute he has taken charge of training and Placement office of BRNCOP. He has presented and published around 20 Research and Review papers in various National and International Journals. Now he is working as Nodal incharge for Admission and Counselling.