Dr. Manish Sharma

M. Pharm.

Professor and Head

 Dr. Sharma is associated with BRNCP from 2006. His research interests include computer aided drug design.

 Mr. Anirudh Joshi

M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)


 Mr.Anirudh Joshi is a faculty in Pharmachemistry department and also alumnus of BRNCP. He completed his M.Pharm in 2008. His research interest involves antihypertensive studies. Presently he is working on synthesis of some more derivatives of benzimidazole as aqntihypertensive agent.

Mr. Gourav Sarsodiya

M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry).


Mr. Gaurav Sarsodia is an aluminus of B. R. Nahata College of Pharmacy. He completed his M.Pharm. in year 2008 with a desire to work in the field of research. His interests involve in synthesis of Antihypertensive drugs.

 Mrs. Chetna Baregama

M. Pharm. (Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry)


Mrs. Chetna Baregama is an alumnus of BRNCP. She completed her M. Pharm in 2012 with a desire to work in the field of research. Her research interest involves design of Anticancer agents.