Courses Offered




Courses Eligibility Duration No. of
D. Pharm. 10+2(PCM/B) 2 Year 60
B. Pharm. 10+2(PCM/B) 8 Semesters (4 Years) 60
M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics) B. Pharm. 4 Semesters(2 Years) 18
M. Pharm.(Pharmacognosy) B. Pharm. 4 Semesters (2 Years) 10
M. Pharm.(PharmaceuticalChemistry) B. Pharm. 4 Semesters(2 Years) 10
M. Pharm. (Pharmacology) B. Pharm. 4 Semesters (2 Years) 10
M. Pharm.(Pharmaceutical Analysis) B. Pharm. 4 Semesters (2 Years) 10

TIFAC-CORE Research Program Certificates

1. TIFAC-CORE Research Program in Quality Assurance


The goals of research program in quality assurance would be to train students who will:

• Control the quality of basic drugs, formulations, packaging materials and additives in pharmaceutical formulations efficiently and effectively, and documentation backed by scientific knowledge and skill base.

• Be careful in maintaining the official standards of pharmaceuticals and follow the directions given by various bodies like WHO in the maintaining the standards of pharmaceuticals.

• Continue to evince keen interest in continuing education in pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance irrespective of whether he is in a teaching institution or pharmaceutical industry or hospital pharmacist.

• Be a motivated “teacher” – keen to share his knowledge and skills with a colleague or a junior or any learner.


The following objectives are laid out to achieve the goals of the course. These objectives are to be achieved by the time the candidate completes the course.

1. Sound Knowledge

2. Advanced Skills

3. Dynamic Attitude and communication abilities

2. TIFAC-CORE Research Program in Pharma Regulatory Affairs

Program Objectives

• To make available a pool of competent professionals in the area of Pharma Regulatory Affairs.

• To spread, enhance and share knowledge in the emerging areas of Pharma Regulatory Affairs.

• To develop documentation / research writing expertise in the Pharma Regulatory Affairs area.

• To know the differences in regulatory requirements for patented and generic pharmaceuticals, for over-the-counter drugs and biological products.

• To be a platform for interchange and exchange of knowledge in this area by organizing interaction with Companies and program members.

3. TIFAC-CORE Research Program in Clinical Research


• To provide a forum for discussion of biometrical, computational, philosophical, ethical, and procedural issues arising from the design, organization, operation, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials.

• To promote methodological research and the application of sound scientific methods of intervention trials.

• To facilitate communication among the various disciplines involved in the conduct of clinical trials.

• To educate and inform health care researchers about the design, operation, and analysis of clinical trials.

• To promote a better understanding by the general public of the importance of randomized clinical trials in evaluating interventions for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

• To provide the safety and effectiveness of a new medication or device on a specific kind of patients.

• To provide the safety and effectiveness of a different dose of a medication than is commonly used.

• To provide the safety and effectiveness of an already marketed medication or device on a new kind of patient (who is not yet approved by regulatory authorities to be given the medication or device).

• Assess whether the new medication or device is more effective for the patient’s condition than the already used, standard medication or device (“the gold standard” or “standard therapy”).

• Compare the effectiveness in patients with a specific disease of two or more already approved or common interventions for that disease.

4. TIFAC-CORE Research Program in Nutraceutical Development

Objectives and Goals

• To educate and train individual regarding various aspect of nutraceutical viz.

• Need, importance and application of nutraceutical in health maintenance and disease prevention.

• Efficacy and safety of nutraceutical Mechanism of action.

• Nutraceutical product development.

• Formulation and evaluation of nutraceutical.

• Commercialization of nutraceutical with respect to global market.

• Regulatory norms for nutraceutical.

5. TIFAC-CORE Research Program in Intellectual Property Rights

Objectives and Goals

• Disseminate information on national and international IPR issues;

• Create IPR consciousness among scientists, professionals, academicians, government officials, entrepreneurs and other members of the society; and Familiarize the learners about the documentation and administrative procedures relating to IPR in India.


Former Industrial Partners

  1.  Development and implementation of pharmacovigilance system for Indian Pharma Industry, Panacea Biotech, New Delhi
  2. Conversion of Nagarmotha oil into powder form, Tanex Industries, Bhopal
  3. Yield enhancement of PNT bromination (Work includes development of improved or novel processes, its scale up and technology transfer), Sourav Chemicals Ltd., Panchkula
  4. Drug Development and trouble shooting of Paam Rosa, Tanex Industries, Bhopal
  5. Product Development and trouble shooting, Swiss Medicare Ltd., Sriganganagar
  6. Study of bottle necks in the industry, Academic and institution linkage in pharmaceutical sector and development of database for academic – Industry partnership Promotion, DST Project sponsored by Department of Science and Technology
  7. Biotechnological approach of the production of plant constitutions with special reference to Anti Malarial Activity, M. P. Council of science and Technology
  8. “Preclinical studies on lead molecules” IPCA Lab Ltd
  9. “Development of Aq. HPMC-P and other coating systems” Deepak Cellulose Ltd
  10. “Product development and quality assurance” Padmavati group of companies
  11. “Set up of rabies vaccine production unit”
  12. “Characterization and toxicity studies of some herbal products” sponsored by DRDO, Tezpur
  13. “Technology transfer for establishing a new lactose unit in India” sponsored by M/s Kanwarlal group of companies, Chennai
  14. “Comparative studies and fine tuning of excepients of Chinese origin w.r.t. their US/European counterparts” sponsored by M/s Kanwarlal group of companies, Chennai
  15. “Development of sweeteners (Aspartame substitutes, Neotame dispersions, Blends” sponsored by M/s Kanwarlal group of companies, Chennai
  16. “Taste masking of Ofloxacin and Ornedazol tablet and suspension, ofloxacin and tinedazol tablet and suspension, ciprofloxacin and ornedazol/tinedazol tablet and suspension, Cefuroxime axetil, Cefpodoxime proxtil” sponsored by M/s Kanwarlal group of companies, Chennai
  17. “Analysis of excipients” sponsored by M/s Kanwarlal group of companies, Chennai
  18. “Documentation w.r.t. Product Registration, DMF, NDA, ANDA, FPO, ISO, GMP Licence and Patenting” sponsored by M/s Kanwarlal group of companies, Chennai