The institute has all the necessary infrastructure and instructional facilities as per the norms of AICTE/PCI/RGPV. The laboratories are well equipped with latest equipments to provide best hands on training to each budding pharmacist.


The institute has in all 17 labs with the following breakup:
Department of Pharmaceutics:4
Department of Pharmacognosy:2
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis:2
Department of Pharmacology:2
Department of Pharmachemistry:3
BioTechnology Laboratory:1
Instrument Rooms:2
Language Laboratory:1
Animal House:1
Medicinal Garden:1



Library facilities are the heart of any educational institution. The institute has beautifully illuminated, well ventilated, fully furnished library spread in an area of 5000 sq feet. The rich and updated library possesses more than 11,000 books, national and international journals, along with spacious reading room, reference section and general reading area. This helps the faculty members and students to keep themselves abreast of recent developments in pharmaceutical sciences. Issuance of books is facilitated through bar code system.


The Institute has canteen spread in an area of 1076 sq feet which provides refreshment and working lunch to students.

Dining Facilities

The institute ensures that every meal is healthy and hygienic. All meals are prepared in a mechanized kitchen. RO-filtered drinking water doubly ensures good health. The mess staff is trained to handle food in a hygienic manner. The Senior staff members of the Institute conduct surprise visits to the Mess for random tasting of food.



The institute offers separate in campus hostels for boys and girls. Institute has a separate Girls’ hostel in the campus with 16 rooms and houses 32 girl students. It also has a Boys’ hostel with a capacity of 22 rooms which can adjust 56 students. The hostels spread in an area of 12,736 sq feet, with well furnished rooms, hygienic mess, dining hall and common room facilities with dish TV. The hostels are specially designed with two primary objectives of safety and comfort. It has round-the-clock security, with stringent security procedures and comfortable apartments. The hostels have state-of-the-art washrooms (toilet and bathing cells). Cleanliness is maintained by the staff on duty. Each hostel room provides an amiable atmosphere and pollution-free environment, conducive to the mental, physical and spiritual development of the students.

Faculty Quarters


A faculty building spread in area of 5,255 sq feet has eight quarters meant for boys and girls hostel warden, Director and other faculties of the institute.

Seminar Hall


A spacious seminar hall equipped with well audio-visual aids along with an open auditorium is present in the institute. Regular guest lectures are arranged on various topics of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Also, National Seminars are organized by inviting Research Scientists, Academicians, Industrialists and Intellectuals who are experts in their areas for the benefit of students, teachers and research scholars.



The college also encourage students to participate in inter college sports and games and has spacious play ground spread in an area of 1,07,600 sq feet for playing cricket, basket ball, football, shuttle, volleyball etc.

Herbal Garden

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A state of the art herbal garden garnished by 100 species of medicinal plants is taken care of by Department of Pharmaconosy.

Guest House


The institute has well furnished 5 rooms in the guest house meant for usage of guest faculty and other dignatories.


The institute also houses an ayurvedic hospital which takes care of first aid and wellness activities for students.

List of  Instruments

Department of Pharmaceutics

  1. Air Cylinder-01 no.
  2. Analytical Balance-06 no.
  3. Anderson Pipette-13 no.
  4. Auto Clave-01 no.
  5. Blender (Mixer)Usha-01 no.
  6. Bulk Density Apparatuse-02 no.
  7. Bunsen Burner-59 no.
  8. Calibration of Venturimeter & Orificemeter-01 no.
  9. Capsule Fillling Machine-01 no.
  10. Centrifuge Machine-02 no.
  11. Centrifuge Matchine Rotar Head-01 no.
  12. Chemical Balance-01 no.
  13. Citizen Balance-PHS-200-02 no.
  14. Compound Student Microscope-13 no.
  15. Conical Percolator-11 no.
  16. Cuvette for UV-01set
  17. Differential Scanning Colorimeter-01 set
  18. Digital PH Meter-01 no.
  19. Disntegration Test App.-02 no.
  20. Dispensing(Prescription)Balance-06 no.
  21. Dissection Tray-01 no.
  22. Dissolution Rate Test App.-02 no.
  23. Double Cone Vlender-5 Kg-01 no.
  24. Electric(Mechanical)Stirrer-03 no.
  25. Electrode for PH Metre-01 no.
  26. Electronic Balance-02 no.
  27. Emulcifiers(Remi High Seeped)-01 no.
  28. Fire Stopper Or Extingushier-02 no.
  29. Friability Tester-02 no.
  30. Gas Purification Pannel & Control Box for Nitrogen-01 no.
  31. Gas Regulator for Air-01 no.
  32. Gas Regulator for Nitrogen-01 no.
  33. Ges Purification Panel for Air-01 set
  34. Hand Graindner Machine-03 no.
  35. Heater Coil for Autoclave-02 no.
  36. Heating Mentle-05 no.
  37. Hot Air Oven(Alu.Chamber)-04 no.
  38. Hot Air Oven-01 no.
  39. Hot Plate-02no.
  40. Liquid Filling Machine-02 no.
  41. Magnetic Peddle 1″-12 no.
  42. Magnetic Stirrer(With Hot Plate)-13 no.
  43. Magnetic Stirrer-08 no.
  44. Membran Filter Holder (Steel)-01 no.
  45. Microscope With Oil Immersion-01 no.
  46. Nitrogen Gas-01 no.
  47. Occular Micrometer-07 no.
  48. Photo Electric Colorimeter-01 no.
  49. Presure Cooker-03 no.
  50. Punche and Dia Set-12mm Concave Shape-02 set
  51. Punche and Dia Set-8 mm Concave Shape-02 set
  52. PVC Casing Cap for SS Tubing-35 ft
  53. Refrigerator-02 no.
  54. Screw Gauge-02 no.
  55. Soxhlet Extraction Heater-04 no.
  56. Soxhlet Extraction Unit-02 no.
  57. Stage Micrometer-16 no.
  58. Standard Fittings-01 no.
  59. Suppositary Moulds-88 no.
  60. Tablet Counter-05 no.
  61. Tablet Hardness Tester(Monasanto)-07 no.
  62. Tablet Hardness Tester(Pfizer)-01 no.
  63. Tablet Machine(Electric Operator)-01 no
  64. Tablet machine(Handoperated-03 no.
  65. Taflon Paddle-02 no.
  66. Test Seives-140 no.
  67. Tissue Homegenisor-01 no.
  68. Tray Drier-12 Trays-01 no.
  69. Triple Beam Balance-07 no.
  70. Tube Crimping & Sealing Machine-01 no.
  71. Tubing SS-1/8″ with Colour Coading Selves-35 ft
  72. U.v. Spectro photometer-01 no.
  73. Vaccum Dessicator-6″-04 no.
  74. Vacuum Pump-01 no.
  75. Water Both 8″-06 no.
  76. Water Both(Double Walled 6 Hole)-03 no.( 1 transfer to store)
  77. Water Both(S.S.6 Hole)-09 no.
  78. All Glass Disttilation Assembly-02 Set
  79. Ampoul Washing Machine(6 jet)- 01 no.
  80. Autocut Off Unit for Dist.Unit-01 no.
  81. Cutoff Device for All Glass Dist.-02 no.
  82. Distilled Water still 04 lit-02 no.
  83. Water Deionization Unit-01 no.
  84. Spray Dryer
  85. Fluid Bed Dryer-01 no
  86. I.R.Moisture Balance(Electronic)-01 set
  87. Laboratory Spray Drier-01 set
  88. Tablet Dissolution Tester-01 no.
  89. Carbon Dioxide Gas Cylinder-01 no
  90. Centrifuge Machine-01 no.
  91. Citizen Balance-PHS-200-02 no.
  92. Digital PH Meter-01 no.
  93. Electronic Balance-02 no.
  94. Hot Air Oven-02 no
  95. Magnetic Stirrer(With Hot Plate)-02 no
  96. Nitrogen Cylinder-01 no.
  97. Refrigerator-01 no
  98. Regulator for Carbon Dioxide-01 no.
  99. Regulator for Nitrogen Cylinder-01 no.
  100. Roter Head for Centrifuge M/c-01 no.
  101. Tablet Coating Pan-01 no.
  102. Test Seives-57 no.
  103. Triple Beam Balance-01 no.
  104. Vaccum Pump-01 no.
  105. Vacuum Oven-01 no.
  106. Water Distillation Unit-01 no.

Department of Pharmacognosy

  1. HPTLC
  2. AAS
  3. Accelerated Solvent Extraction system
  4. Photomicrograph
  5. Tablet friability tester
  6. Microtome
  7. Muffle Furnace

 Department of Pharmacology

  1.  Auto Analyzer
  2. Actophotometer
  3. Digital Colorimeter
  4. Digital Pleythesmo Meter
  5. Digital Tail Cuff Instrument
  6. Digital Randall Sellito Meter
  7. Electroconvulsometer
  8. Eddys Hot plate
  9. Elevated Plus Maze
  10. Histamine Chamber
  11. Nose only Inhalation Chamber
  12. Metabolic Cage
  13. Pole climbing apparatus
  14. Radiant Heat Analgesiometer
  15. Rotarod apparatus
  16. Student Organ Bath
  17. Swimming Rat test apparatus
  18. Shuttle Box
  19. Student Physiograp
  20. Stereo Taxic instrument
  21. Tele Thermometer
  22. Tensio Meter
  23. Microtome

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  1. Electronic Balance
  2. FTIR
  3. Hot Air Oven (Alu.Chamber)
  4. Magnetic Stirrer(With Hot Plate)
  5. Melting Point App.(Digital)
  6. Microwave Oven
  7. Rotary Vaccum Evaporator

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

  1. High performance liquid chromatograph
  2. Gas chromatograph
  3. UV spectrophotometer.
  4. Digital polarimeter
  5. Flame photometer
  6. Conductivity meter
  7. Potentiometer
  8. Nephlo turbidity meter
  9. Centrifuge
  10. Digital weighing balance
  11. Colorimeter
  12. pH meter
  13. Microwave Oven